Orchid mantis. An apprentice geisha in the most important moment of her career. 18 years old. Dreamer, astute and competent in what she does. Her future is promising. Dedicated, but insecure. She fears failure, which leads her to withdraw into herself regarding her fears and uncertainties.


Who tells the stories.


Cockroach. The matriarch and head of the Asazaki family. 67 years old. A woman of stern nature and bitter, antipathetic personality. Rules her house with an iron fist and ensures that her family stays in line, demanding the maximum of their abilities.


Luna moth. Nae’s adoptive brother, a kabuki actor of promising future. 20 years old. Proud, reserved, misanthrope, arrogant. Beautiful and loyal, but his difficult personality and unusual beliefs alienate him from the rest of the society. Is very close to his sister.


Blue damselfly. Housemaid of the Asazaki family. 25 years old. Optimistic, cheerful and in possession of an irrepressible joie de vivre. She takes cares of the daily chores of the house such as cooking and cleaning. Has a deep affection and admiration for Asami. Raised alongside Nae and Tetsuo, she's been an older sister to both of them.


Hermit crab. A friendly old lady who travels through the land meeting and helping other people. Lost count of her own age. Hides great wisdom behind a maternal smile. Her motivations and past are a mystery.


Forest scorpion. Alone in the world, she relies solely on the friendship of Yojanba. 25 years old. Poor and recently homeless, she takes on the role of a man in order to find work and earn some money. Hardworking and loyal, she sees the good in people and easily grows fond of them. However, is unable to impose herself when necessary.